Mobile iPod 5 Repair in Phoenix

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iPod Touch 5th Gen Repair

Mobile iPod 5 repair is necessary to fix all of the common problems that occur to the  iPod touch 5. Whether it be the mobile iPod 5 repair for a broken screen, a  power button or any other repair our mobile iPod 5 repair service will come to you and fix your iPod 5th generation to like new condition.  We know that you love your music and we will fix your device fast so that you can enjoy all of your songs again. We are iPod 5 repair experts and our highly trained technicians have years of experience of iPod screen repair.  We offer a fast convenient service at your home or office that is backed with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor.  Call us today for a free quote.

List of iPod Touch 5th Gen Repairs Offered


If your iPod Touch 5th Gen is in any way damaged or not performing the way it once did, our technicians will find the problem and implement a solution that gets your device working like new again.

Digitizer & LCD Repair

If the glass on your iPod Touch has been broken, cracked, or if its LCD display isn’t working correctly, contact us now for a fast and affordable repair.

WiFi Repair

If the Wi-Fi antenna of your iPod Touch is damaged, you won’t be able to benefit from wireless Internet access, so allow us to get you connected.

Headphone jack replacement

In the event that your plugin speakers or headphone jack isn’t working, you can rely on our iPod experts to replace or repair the damaged component, so you can listen to your favorite tunes aloud once again.

Home button repair

A broken home button makes navigation difficult, if not impossible, so bring your iPod to us for a speedy repair or full button replacement.