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iPhone 4 & 4s Repair

Expert mobile iPhone 4S Repair Service as well as mobile iPhone 4 repair.  We offer both mobile iPhone 4S repair and iPhone 4 screen repair that is fast and extremely convenient.  Our technicians will fix your iPhone 4 or 4S outside of your home or office. Regardless if it is a cracked screen a power button or other type of damage we come to you for iPhone 4S repair.  No matter what is going on with your phone we offer a variety of mobile iphone 4 repairs to get your device up and running again.

List of iPhone 4 & 4s Repairs Offered

DIAGNOSTICS – FREEAll diagnostics for iPhone 4s repair are completely free.  We will let you know what you need to do to get your phone running to its optimal potential.
Audio jack repair
AUDIO JACK REPAIR – $50iPhone 4S headphone repair is no problem with our expert mobile service.  We will get your music playing like new.
Backcase repair
BACK HOUSING – $20Replacing the iPhone 4S back housing is a quick repair. In 5 Minutes we can have your phone looking like new from the back.

Battery repair

BATTERY REPAIR – $40Complete iPhone 5 battery repair.
Glass & LCD repair
SCREEN REPAIR – $65We fix all screen related issues with our iphone 4S screen repair
Camera repair
CAMERA REPAIR – $40Imagine having an opportunity for a perfect picture only to find out that your camera isn’t working? Don’t let this happen, start snapping off pictures again today!
Chargeport repair
CHARGING PORT REPAIR – $40If you cannot charge your phone we can help.
Earpiece repair
EARPIECE REPAIR – $40If you can’t hear when people call you, the iPhone 4S earpiece repair is what you need.
Home button repair
HOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40Not having a working home button is frustrating.  We can solve the problem with our iPhone 4S home button repair.
Microphone repair
MICROPHONE REPAIR – $50Don’t let your microphone  ruin every phone call you make . Contact us today, so we can repair your microphone.
Power button repair
POWER BUTTON REPAIR – $50Mobile iPhone 4S power button repair makes it easy to lock the screen or power down your device.
Speaker repair
SPEAKER REPAIR – $40We can replace the speaker component to help restore your sound in your damaged iphone 4S.

Tilt sensor repair

TILT SENSOR REPAIR – $n/aOur team of iPhone pros quickly repair tilt sensors on iPhone devices, so you can get back to playing your favorite game apps.
VibratE repair
VIBRATE REPAIR – $40iPhone 4S vibrate / silence repairs are fast.
VOLUME BUTTON REPAIR – $50iPhone 4S volume button repair will make it easy to adjust all of your music and your phone calls volume.
WiFi REPAIR – $40We can replace the iPhone 4s Wifi antennae to allow you to receive wireless internet connection.