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iPhone 5c & 5s Repairs

Mobile iphone 5C  repair for cracked screens is available to come to your home or office.  We understand that you are busy and when your device needs repair we try to make it as convenient as possible for you.  Whether your mobile iPhone 5C repair consists of a cracked iPhone 5C screen repair or some other common issue such as home button, volume flex cable, power button or other problem call us and we will come to you to repair your device on site in our mobile repair vehicle.  We offer 90 day warranties so you can relax and let us take care of all of your iphone 5C repair.

List of iPhone 5c Repairs

DIAGNOSTICS – FREEWe can tell you what type of iPhone 5C repair you need fast!
Audio Jack Repair
AUDIO JACK REPAIR – $60If your audio jack is broken you won’t be able to plug-in and use earphones or speakers. But the good news is that our shop can make the repairs.
Back Casing Repair
BACK CASING – $120A cracked case is one of the more common issues we see with iPhones and if this has happened to your phone, don’t worry, we can fix that too!
Batter Repair
BATTERY REPAIR – $50It’s fairly easy to figure out when you have a faulty battery and fortunately for you, it’s fairly easy to get it swapped out for a new one.
Glass & LCD Repair
GLASS & LCD REPAIR – $80A broken or severely scratched LCD display can make using your iPhone very frustrating. If your phone’s glass is in disrepair, allow us to swap it out for you.
Camera Repair
CAMERA REPAIR – $50What fun is a camera phone without a working camera? No fun at all! So bring it in to our shop today and we’ll have you snapping new photos in no time!
Charging Port Repair
CHARGING PORT REPAIR – $50Without a functioning charging port, you’ll have a difficult time getting your phone to recharge. If this is your phone’s issue, we can help!
Earpiece Repair
EARPIECE REPAIR – $60When having difficulty hearing the person your speaking with, it may be because the earpiece has been broken. Let us diagnose your phone’s earpiece issue.
Home Button Repair
HOME BUTTON REPAIR – $40Home button stuck or not working? This can be bothersome and we know just how to fix it, so stop by today and we’ll have you on your way in a breeze.
Microphone Repair
MICROPHONE REPAIR – $60Are your callers telling you that you’re hard to hear? If so, it may be that your microphone is damaged and it’s causing problems transmitting your voice.
Power Button Repair
POWER BUTTON REPAIR – $60If your phone’s power button doesn’t work, how will you turn it on or off? Not to worry, this is a common problem and one in which we can get fixed for you in no time.
Speaker Repair
SPEAKER REPAIR – $50Anyone who’s experienced a poorly working speaker knows how frustrating every phone call can be. If your phone’s speaker volume or control is broken, bring it in today.
Tilt Sensor Repair
TILT SENSOR REPAIR – $n/aWith so many applications and games utilizing the built-in tilt function, you’re definitely going to want to make sure this works right!
Vibrate Repair
VIBRATE REPAIR – $60Vibrate mode is a great setting for those times when you must be quiet, but cannot miss an expected call. Let us get your phone vibration function working again.
Volume Button Repair
VOLUME BUTTON REPAIR – $60Without a properly working volume button, you’re going to have difficulty controlling how much you can hear. We can quickly get your volume button working like new again.
Wifi Repair
WiFi REPAIR – $50Without WiFi connectivity, you may be forced to use data from your monthly plan and without an unlimited usage package, this could end up costing you.